Sunday Mar 26, 2023
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Feroze Khan, Muneeb Butt settle months-long feud over private information leak

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Pakistani actors Muneeb Butt (left) and Feroze Khan (right) pose for a picture with an acquaintance. — Instagram/muneeb_butt
Pakistani actors Muneeb Butt (left) and Feroze Khan (right) pose for a picture with an acquaintance. — Instagram/muneeb_butt

Actor Feroze Khan has finally apologised to Muneeb Butt for accidentally leaking the personal details of several other actors including Butt's wife Aiman Khan. 

The Khuda aur Mohabbat lead actor had made private information public including mobile phone numbers and addresses of various celebrities — for criticising him for "being an abusive partner" — through a defamation notice on Instagram. 

Outrage was observed as a reaction from mentioned celebrities. Aiman and Minal expressed how their privacy was breached. Aiman penned down a detailed note on how her privacy was compromised and how mentally draining it was. 

Following this, Muneeb filed a complaint against the Habs actor at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). 

However, after a months-long cold war, the two actors put an end to the differences, as Feroze tendered his apology saying he "never intended that anyone's peace be disrupted." 

"As soon as I realised, I deleted the post immediately within minutes," he wrote.

Feroze further stated that he knew the importance of privacy and he was extremely sorry "if any of my colleagues had to go through any inconvenience".

Meanwhile, the Baandi actor announced that he has dropped the charges against Feroze.

"I Muneeb Butt and family hereby state that to give us pain and mental distress wasn't FK's [Feroze Khan] intention, it was a mistake. I announce to drop all the charges," Butt wrote on his Instagram.

He also urged the people to respect Alizey and Feroze's privacy and refrain from commenting as their case was under trial and it was their "private matter".

The actor also shared a picture with Feroze saying that they have decided to resolve the matter between them as per their elders' advice and they will keep a "mutual relation of respect and love" in the future.

Last year in October, after the Khaani actor's ex-wife Alizey Sultan Khan submitted evidence to the court showing domestic violence during the couple's marriage, many actors came out in her support.

Butt's wife, Aiman Khan and sister-in-law Minal Khan were also among those who bashed Feroze and showed support for Alizey.

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