Monday Mar 27, 2023
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'Jurassic Park' star recalls shocking incident on set

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Jurassic Park star recalls shocking incident on set
'Jurassic Park' star recalls shocking incident on set

Sam Neill revealed a hair-raising incident on the Jurassic Park set where the cast had a close call from a hurricane in September 1992.

As per Sam Neill's new memoir "Did I Ever Tell You This?", "We almost died in the first few weeks where we were filming on Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago," Neill wrote.

"One morning, we were told to stay back at the hotel and expect a hurricane later in the day. I was down on the beach with Laura Dern, who asked me: 'Sam, do you think we might die today?'

As these massive black clouds approached over the Pacific, I found I had to tell her that, in all honesty, the answer was yes, I thought we might."

"It turned out we came very close," he added.

The actor also recounted the measures cast and crew took to remain safe amid the hurricane.

"They herded us into a ballroom, all the cast and crew, a few hours before Hurricane Iniki hit us," Neill continued. "Iniki was a Category 4 hurricane, and it absolutely wrecked the island, including all our sets. Six people died, and it caused more than $3 billion worth of damage."

Eventually, Hurricane Iniki m destroyed over 1,400 homes, as per KITV4.

"I think that within three or four hours, it had moved on, leaving us surrounded by the wreckage of our huge resort hotel," Neill added.

"I'm pretty sure that is why we were spared a large tidal surge through our ballroom, which was just a couple of meters above sea level, a surge that would have probably drowned us all."

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