Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Paul O'Grady 'advised' Meghan Markle to 'be totally honest with the Queen'

Paul O'Grady gave Meghan Markle some very important tips

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Paul OGrady advised Meghan Markle to be totally honest with the Queen

Paul O'Grady, who enjoyed close friendship with Camilla, gave Meghan Markle some important pointers on royal life, saying that the Queen was "easy to get on with" and "likes a good laugh".

 The comedian, who died on Wednesday at the age of 67, had reportedly given a blunt warning to the former Suits star before she married Prince Harry in 2018.

Paul, who had a very close relationship with the royal family, gave tips on how to avoid 'riling' the late Queen and warned Meghan about using too many 'non-UK words'.

More importantly, he gave Meghan some tips on what to avoid so that she didn't "rile" her grandmother-in-law. His main advice to the former Hollywood star was to "be totally honest with the Queen" as she is a "straight-talking" person.

The iconic TV and radio star said that he advised Meghan that it could "cause a divide" if she used too many "non-UK words" and that she should "try to avoid too many Americanisms".

Telling TV Times what he advised, he explained: "Always remember to say 'lavatory', not 'bathroom', otherwise you will really rile her!"

Opening up on his bond with the Queen Consort, he told MailOnline: "Camilla's a really funny woman. You can have a great laugh with her and you don't feel like you're on ceremony. I always get a big hug and kiss from her, too, which always shocks everybody."