Taron Egerton gets candid about his 'Tetris' mustache: 'I didn't love it'

'Tetris' actor Taron Egerton revealed how he truly feels about the mustache he wore in the film

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Taron Egerton gets candid about his Tetris mustache: I didnt love it
 Taron Egerton gets candid about his 'Tetris' mustache: 'I didn't love it'

Taron Egerton talked about his experience with the fake mustache in Tetris and what he feels about it.

The Rocketman actor opened up about his struggle with a fake mustache on Thursday's episode of Good Morning America.

Egerton, 33, was asked about the discomfort he experienced during the production of his recently released film.

"I didn't love it," he responded. "I think, were it real, I may have loved it, but it was a bit of movie magic. My word, that thing was so uncomfortable."

He continued, "The mustache that God gave me is a little lacking, so I had some movie help. I wore one for Eddie the Eagle, which is a movie I did about eight years ago, and I wore that for part of the movie, and I said I will never do that ever again."

Egerton further revealed that between the release of 2016's Eddie the Eagle and filming Tetris he "forgot" how unpleasant the prior mustache was.

"It's absolutely horrendous — I will never do it ever again. It doesn't matter how much you pay me," he said. "Don't let me wear a fake mustache."

Tetris follows Henk Rogers (played by Taron Egerton), who is a video game industry staple as he helps popularize the movie's titular 1984 release by securing distribution rights for home consoles.