Prince Harry touches upon 'driving lessons' from King Charles

Prince Harry talks about learning driving from father King Charles

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Prince Harry is opening up about the driving lessons he took with King Charles.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals he was taught driving by his dad.

Speaking about his 2001 holiday with family in Balmoral, Harry pens: “We went up a steep hill, past the whisky distillery, along a blowy lane and down between sheep fields, which were overrun by rabbits. That is, those lucky enough to escape us. We’d shot a bunch earlier that day. “

He adds: “After a few minutes we turned onto a dusty track, drove four hundred meters to a deer fence. I hopped out, opened the padlocked gate. Now, at last, because we were on remote private roads, I was allowed to drive. I jumped behind the wheel, hit the accelerator, put into practice all those driving lessons from Pa through the years, often seated on his lap. I steered us through the purple heather into the deepest folds of that immense Scottish moorland. Ahead, like an old friend, stood Lochnagar, splotchy with snow”