Prince Harry cocktail request in front of Queen mother was an 'event'

Prince Harry talks about shocking Queen mother over alcohol request

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Prince Harry admits he had hoped to shock his family with an open request for alcohol during dinner.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex recalls shocking Queen Mother as he drank a cocktail in Balmoral in 2001.

He pens: “She asked for a martini. Moments later, someone handed her an ice-cold tumbler filled with gin. I watched her take a sip, expertly avoiding the lemon floating along the top, and on an impulse I decided to join her. I’d never had a cocktail in front of my family, so this would be an event.”

Harry adds: “A bit of rebellion. Empty rebellion, it turned out. No one cared. No one noticed. Except GanGan. She perked up for a moment at the sight of me playing grown-up, gin and tonic in hand. I sat beside her.”