Sunday, April 02, 2023
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Queen Camilla using ‘newfound power’ to takeover Buckingham Palace

Queen Camilla is reportedly planning on having her kids takeover Buckingham Palace

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Queen Camilla has reportedly been planning on getting her children apartments on Buckingham Palace grounds.

An inside source close to Radar brought these claims and admissions to light.

The insider in question warns, Camilla’s kids Tom Parker Bowles, and Laura Lopes “already get a lot of perks because of their mother, but she's been flexing her newfound power.”

“There's even talk of giving them apartments at either Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace, or a different royal property altogether.”

In order to ensure this plan succeeds, Camilla is working on “slowly but surely icing out Charles' family.”

So much so that “everyone is questioning if this was her plan all along.”

The Queen Consort also wishes for her family to receive a major introduction at the Coronation, as well as the ability to “Attend all family affairs” moving forward.

Even a confidant of the Queen chimed in and admitted, “the buzz is that Camilla's five teen grandchildren will be part of the ceremony with Charles. She wants them to be just as visible as William and Kate's kids.”