Miranda Lambert expresses desire for 'Yellowstone' role

Miranda Lambert wanted to play herself in 'Yellowstone'

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Miranda Lambert expresses desire for Yellowstone role
Miranda Lambert expresses desire for 'Yellowstone' role

Miranda Lambert addressed the Yellowstone cameo question, saying she is more comfortable portraying herself on the neo-Western drama.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Drunk singer said, "I've never been an actress. It's not my favorite thing," adding, "But if I can play myself ... that's a little bit easier on me."

Earlier, the singer made her cameo on a 2012 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

"I've done one thing, and it was probably the one," she said of her portrayal on the detective show. "I'm not saying I won't ever do it again."

Further, Lambert told ET she was talking with Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan about getting her songs on the show.

"I actually was at a thing in Texas," she said. "Taylor Sheridan got a Texas Medal of Arts, and I did as well. So we got to talk about, you know, this lifestyle. ... I was pushing my songs for the show. I was like, 'I have some tunes, man, here they are!'"