Chris Evans opens up about his role in 'Ghosted': 'it's endearing'

Chris Evans stars in upcoming action rom-com 'Ghosted' alongside Ana de Armas

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Chris Evans opens up about his role in Ghosted: its endearing
Chris Evans opens up about his role in 'Ghosted': 'it's endearing'

Chris Evans opened up about his role in the upcoming film Ghosted and his experience and appearing on screen with Ana de Armas once again.

The pair previously appeared together in Rian Johnson's 2019 film, Knives Out, and reunited for the 2022 Netflix action-thriller The Gray Man.

However, the upcoming 2023 film Ghosted is an entirely new experience for both Evans and de Armas.

In a recent sitting with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the Apple TV+ rom-com, Evans joked "Whatever Ana's doing, I want at least one day on set."

He went on further expressing his feeling about the role "It just felt like something I grew up watching."

"It felt like Romancing the Stone, something that was charming and sweet and... it's really hinging on the chemistry between the characters" he added.

"It's nice to play someone who has not only far less capabilities than someone like Captain America, but in moments of panic has a human reaction," Evans said of playing his character Cole, which is similar to his pre-MCU roles in rom-coms like What's Your Number? and The Nanny Diaries.

"Nothing about Cole is cool, you know? He goes to pieces, but it's endearing. That’s fun to play" he said.

Ghosted is directed by Rocketman's Dexter Fletcher, stars Evans as Cole, a helpless guy, who gets ghosted by a girl Sadie played by Ana de Armas, after going on a date with her.

It turns out that Sadie's a secret agent, and in Cole's attempts to pursue her, he lands himself right in the middle of an international incident.

The movie is slated for an April 21 release.