Ed Sheeran recalls writing 'Perfect' for wife Cherry Seaborn in 'The Sum of It All'

Ed Sheeran reveals he had 'goosebumps' when he penned song 'Perfect' for wife Cherry Seaborn in new documentary

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Ed Sheeran recalls writing Perfect for wife Cherry Seaborn in The Sum of It All
Ed Sheeran recalls writing 'Perfect' for wife Cherry Seaborn in 'The Sum of It All'

Ed Sheeran recalled the time he penned the lyrics of his song Perfect for Cherry Seaborn in the singer’s new documentary Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All.

The new Disney+ film focuses on singer's private life and what inspires his music. It also chronicles the time he learned of “life-changing news and reveals his hardships and triumphs during the most challenging period of his life.”

Sheeran reflected at the time he wrote his super hit song Perfect, which is inspired by his wife, the early days of the romance and how they disconnect only to connect a few years later.

"I remember writing 'Perfect' in a basement in London and it was the first few weeks of us dating," he said in the film as per Entertainment Tonight, revealing he got "goosebumps" writing the melody.

"I remember emailing it to her and then being like, 'Oh, this is a bit heavy,’” he revealed.

To this, Seaborn shared, "We were friends at school. He was in the year above, I was in the year below. Always really got on. We had, I guess, flirted with the idea of flirting, if that makes sense.”

The Shape of You singer revealed that they "had a little smooch around that time, as you do at that age" referring to their early days of romance.

They later reconnected after Seaborn got a job in New York. "It was just so natural and it just felt right," she recounted.

Sheeran and Seaborn went on to tie the knot in 2019 and welcomed two daughters together; Lyra Antartica and Jupiter.