Wednesday, May 03, 2023
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Pete Davidson seems to be yearning for Kim Kardashian's attention in viral Met Gala snap

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Pete Davidson wanted to reestablish friendly relations with former lover Kim Kardashian as he met her at Met Gala 2023 almost eight months after split, said body language expert.

Speaking to The Sun, body language expert Judi James analyzed the viral photograph of The Kardashians star with the comedian as they enjoy their reunion at the fashion event.

James claimed that the King of Staten Island star was yearning for her former lover’s attention who could be seen talking to Usher in the pictures from Met Gala.

“This was a great moment for Kim who made a solo appearance at the Met and for the world to see,” James said. "It's no surprise that she played this meeting with Pete to her advantage.”

Pete Davidson seems to be yearning for Kim Kardashians attention in viral Met Gala snap

"She was also the center of attention from both these A-List men,” she added. "Kim appears to have a more active conversation with Usher and his narrowed eye smile suggests he was enjoying the chat.”

"In these photos, Usher seems to be getting most of the attention from Kim. Pete clearly pulls for her attention and his head tilt and widened eye expression suggests he’s keen to get it and retain it."

Kardashian and Davidson parted ways in August last year citing long distance and tough work schedules reason behind their split following nine-month romance.

The expert continued, "But while Usher looks charming, he's not flirtatious with Kim. Pete on the other hand looks keen to rebuild his friendship status with Kim.”

"His body language makes him look as though he’s in full suck-up mode. Pete leans in towards Kim with his signature goofy, irresistible grin and emphatic eye contact.

"Pete's attention-seeking signals suggest ‘look at me, not him,’” expert claimed, adding, "Pete looks desperately, puppy-like delighted to see Kim.”