Bruce Willis’ crew noticed heartbreaking aphasia signs on ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ set

Bruce Willis’ crew at ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ revealed heartbreaking details when actor forgot where he was while filming

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Bruce Willis showed “heartbreaking” signs of Aphasia while shooting Midnight in the Switchgrass as he used to forget where he was.

A prop master working on the set of the crime thriller recalled the time when The Sixth Sense star struggled remembering people.

Alicia Haverland recounted her interaction with Willis in The Randall Scandal documentary, based on allegations of producer and director Randall Emmett's abusive behavior.

She said Willis one time thought he was in some kind of restaurant while filming a scene set in a diner and talked to her as if she was the waitress at the eatery.

"I go over to repour the coffee, and we're probably doing take number seven or eight, and he puts his hand on the coffee, looks me dead in the eye, and goes, 'Oh no, ma'am, I don't want anymore,'" Haverland recalled.

The crew member then tried to explain to him that he was on the film set and that she was refilling the cup for the scene but Willis was having a different time understanding.

Instead of understanding what was going on, Willis asked Haverland if he had ordered more coffee, leading her to pretend to be a waitress and complying with him so to finish the scene.

Concluding, Haverland described her interaction with the actor as "heartbreaking" to watch.

In February 2023, Willis’ family revealed that his condition has worsened and transformed into frontotemporal dementia (FTD) which is hindering his ability to speak and communicate.

The statement from his family came nearly a year after his family confirmed that Willis would be stepping away from acting due to an initial diagnosis of aphasia.