‘Feminist’ Emma Watson dragged for supporting ‘abuser’ Brad Pitt

Emma Watson ripped for promoting Brad Pitt's brand as fans dubs the actor 'hypocrite'

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‘Feminist’ Emma Watson dragged for supporting ‘abuser’ Brad Pitt
‘Feminist’ Emma Watson dragged for supporting ‘abuser’ Brad Pitt

Emma Watson has come under fire for lending support to Hollywood icon Brad Pitt after he unveiled his gin company at 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The Harry Potter star, who has been vocal about women rights and was also appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women in 2014, received scathing criticism for supporting an “abuser.”

Fans of the actor ripped her apart for being a “feminist” and still gushing over the Babylon star, who is accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Jolie has claimed that Pitt has “physically and verbally assaulted” not only her but their children during their infamous 2016 flight.

Many social media users branded Watson a “hypocrite” who prioritizes “money” over rights of women after she reposted a snap of Pitt with his partner promoting his gin on her Instagram story.

"@thegardener_gin Welcome from Chablis Brad!" Watson, who is an owner of her own gin label with brother Alex Watson commented on Pitt’s company’s post.

‘Feminist’ Emma Watson dragged for supporting ‘abuser’ Brad Pitt

"Do you also have an annoying younger brother who’s obsessed with niche beverages? @alex.s.watson," she added referring to her younger brother and business partner.

Reacting to her comment, her brother jokingly add with a dialogue from Pitt’s classic film Fight Club, “First rule of French gin club is: you DO tell everyone about French gin club.”

Bashing Watson for supporting Brad Pitt, one Reddit user said, “Are there any women in Hollywood with a backbone to stand up for their fellow women? I’m so tired."

“She’s the worst of the White Hollywood Feminists," one said as another disspointed user wrote, "A 'feminist' supporting a domestic abuser."

"She calls herself the biggest feminist and makes herself the face of feminism and then goes out and supports a dirtbag abuser," another bashed Watson with one adding, "What a [expletive] hypocrite."

One comment read, "How disappointing. The lesson that Emma Watson leaves us is: 'I'm a feminist yes, but if there's money in the middle... not so much.’”

"Collaborating with/promoting with a man who has been credibly accused of domestic abuse as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014 is definitely a huge pivot from how she has presented herself," one penned.

"It’s scary how they use feminism for their own personal brand, but they don’t give a two-second thought when it comes to siding with questionable men," another criticized Watson..