Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth's 'Transformers' film delayed

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Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworths Transformers film delayed

New Transformers film featuring the voices of Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson has been delayed by Paramount.

According to Deadline, "Transformers One" was due to be  release on July 19, 2024.

The report said the film will now come out a little bit later, on September 13.

Digitalspy.com reported that "Transformers One"   one is a fully animated movie and a prequel story.

The film tells story of how Optimus Prime and Megatron went from being comrades in arms to the fiercest of enemies

The "Extraction" star and "Black Widow" actress will voice Optimus and Elita, respectively, while Brian Tyree Henry will voice the Decepticon leader. 

The cast also includes Jon Hamm (Sentinel Prime), Keegan-Michael Key (Bumblebee), and Laurence Fishburne (Alpha Trion).

Directed by Josh Cooley directs,  Steven Spielberg serves as producer to the highly anticipated movie.