Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Naseeruddin Shah has no intentions to watch 'The Kerala Story': Here's why

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Naseeruddin Shah compares the sucess of The Kerala Story to Nazi Germany era
Naseeruddin Shah compares the sucess of 'The Kerala Story' to Nazi Germany era

Naseeruddin Shah has finally shared his views on The Kerala story; the actor says that he has no intentions to watch the film.

In conversation with India Today: Shah stated: “Worthwhile films like Bheed, Afwaah, Faraaz, all three collapsed. Nobody went to see them, but they are flocking to see The Kerala Story which I have not seen, and I don’t intend to see because I have read enough about it.”

The Ishqiya actor called the Kerala Story a dangerous trend and compared it to Nazi Germany.

He added: “On one hand, it is a dangerous trend, no doubt. We seem to be heading the way of Nazi Germany where in Hitler’s time, the filmmakers were co-opted, attempted to be co-opted, by the supreme leader to make films praising him and what he has done for the countrymen, and running down the Jewish community.”

“So many master filmmakers in Germany left the place, came to Hollywood, and made movies there. The same thing seems to be happening here. Either stay on the right side, be neutral or pro-establishment.”

While claiming that he is hopeful things will change for good, Shah remarked: “But on the flip side, I have hope that this atmosphere of hate gets fatiguing. How long can you go on spreading hate? I think, and I hope that the way it has suddenly engulfed us all, it will also disappear. But it won’t be soon.”