Saturday, June 03, 2023
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Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn split: Expert says intense media scrutiny took major toll on relationship

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn grew apart due to intense media scrutiny which was taking a toll on the actor which is evident from their public appearances.

Referencing to the images of the Anti-Hero hitmaker and the Stars at Noon actor, a senior therapist and relationship expert claimed that the former lover’s relationship was centered around privacy.

Fans of the singer have previously pointed out how relaxed Swift looks when she steps out with her new beau Matty Healy, while comparing her appearances with Alwyn, who always looked “p****d off.”

They also shared how Healy lets Swift walk at a normal pace while paparazzi clicks their photographs, again comparing it with her outing with Alwyn who used to held her hand to drag her to the car.

Speaking to The Mirror, the expert Sally Baker from Working On The Body analyzed the relationship between Swift and Alwyn, claiming it was based around privacy.

"While they seemed to have a strong connection and bond, there are a few reasons why I believe the relationship ultimately ended," she told the publication.

"First, the intense media scrutiny and lack of privacy likely took a major toll. Taylor's relationships are constantly in the public eye, examined by millions of her fans and critics.

"The inability to live a normal private life and share authentic intimate moments can damage even the strongest of relationships over time.

"No matter how much they cared for each other, the microscope they were under may have ultimately driven them apart," the expert shared.