Shah Rukh Khan's surprise Mannat appearance gets fans thrilled

SRK struck his iconic pose as the crowd cheered for him outside Mannat

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Shah Rukh Khans surprise Mannat appearance gets fans thrilled

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan astounded fans with surprise appearance at his Mannat mansion, decked out in a trendy D'Yavol hoodie and blue jeans. As the crowd erupts in excitement, the King of Bollywood strikes his iconic pose, sending waves of adoration through the sea of devotees.

But this was no ordinary fan gathering! Nearly 300 die-hard SRK enthusiasts had come together with a mind-blowing mission—to secure a Guinness World Record for the largest assembly of people emulating their idol's iconic pose. 

With arms outstretched in unison, they created an awe-inspiring spectacle outside his grand mansion.

What prompted this awe-inspiring event? It seems the superstar had a hidden agenda—to commemorate the worldwide television premiere of his colossal blockbuster, Pathaan.

Earlier in the day, a group of dancers set the stage ablaze, rocking Pathaan-themed tees and belting out its chart-topping tracks.

Shah Rukh Khan's spontaneous rendezvous with his ardent fans outside Mannat not only left them breathless but also reaffirmed his unwavering stardom and unbreakable bond with his followers. 

With his magnetic charm transcending the silver screen, the actor continues to enthrall audiences on a global scale.