Saturday, June 17, 2023
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Meghan Markle’s failure pushing her into ‘influencing’

Meghan Markle Is reportedly planning on becoming an influencer now that her Spotify deal is a failure

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Royal experts have just warned against Meghan Markle’s potential stint as an influencer, now that her deal with Spotify is canceled.

This warning regarding Meghan Markle’s future plans have been brought to light by US royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield.

Her claims were shared during an in-depth interview with GB News where she branded the Spotify brand deal collapse a “really bad day” for Meghan Markle and admitted that they are probably struggling to “to figure out their identity and what their next steps are.”

She was even quoted saying, “I think that today's a really bad day for Meghan Markle. She hates failing and she's failing on a global scale.”

“This is a huge audience that are watching, you know, Pearl gets cancelled by Netflix before it even came to fruition.”

“The Spotify you know, kicking her to the curb in front of the entire world. This is a hard time for them.”

“And I think that they are really struggling to figure out their identity and what their next steps are, I think it's being an influencer.”

Before concluding this chat she also hypothesized the possibility that she may “have to resort to creating digital content because what else is she going to do?”