Maya Hawke admits lying about 'therapy' to father, sneaking out for dates

Maya Hawke recalls lying to her father during teenage years

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Maya Hawke admits lying about therapy to father, sneaking out for dates

Maya Hawke admits she fooled her father with her sneaky personality.

Speaking to Andy Cohen in a recent interview, the Strangers Things actor has revealed how "really went to lose [her] virginity” after lying to her dad about taking therapy.

Maya quipped: “I can’t believe I just said that, but that’s the truth.”

“He gave me a real hard time,” the star added: “He went, ”Where were you? Where did you go?'”

Maya recalls responding: “How am I supposed to have secrets if I’m not allowed to tell lies?”

Maya parents, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman parted ways on 2005. Speaking about the couple's split, the actress admitted she learned to not “take one another for granted” as she grew up.

“Every weekend is a special weekend because there’s a high value placed on time spent together,” the “Little Women” star explained. “You no longer have a feeling of infinite time; you quickly realize it’s borrowed time.”