Phoebe Waller-Bridge punched Harrison Ford: Here's why

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Indiana Jones 5 will land in theatres on 30 June
'Indiana Jones 5' will land in theatres on 30 June

Indiana Jones's new addition Phoebe Waller-Bridge seemingly did not hesitate to swing some jab to lead star Harrison Ford if it's in the script.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the 37-year-old said her character punched Indy in the film so hard that it knocked out the icon.

"It's such a brilliant cut, and it's such an excellently scripted moment. And particularly because there's so much fighting and left hooks and all that stuff all the way through the film, when she's just fighting the bad guys," Waller-Bridge added.

"But to have to level a punch to the hero of the film... It was glorious, because it was so funny."

The British star also cheekily said that audiences loved the scene at the screenings.

However, the actor added she expected the viewers to understand her decision at that moment.

"Underneath, it really had heart and emotion. And that's really a testament to Jim [Mangold, director] and the Butterworths [Jez and John-Henry] for writing a moment like that. I hope the audience understands why she does it."