Prince Harry's shocking claims and 'secret' visa deal anger Americans

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Prince Harrys shocking claims and secret visa deal anger Americans

Prince Harry, who ditched the UK for the US along with his family in 2020, has seemingly divided Americans with his claims of using drugs and secret visa application that's not being published by the officials.

The Duke of Sussex has not only angered the people of America with his boastings in his memoir but landed himself in trouble also as some organisations are persistently mounting pressure on government to disclose Harry's visa details.

The US Government claimed a think-tank's attempts to uncover details about Harry's visa are 'inflammatory allegations' but the organisation claims this is just a delay tactic.

Some Americans are expressing their anger over the officials and dubbing the the government "outrageous" for refusing to reveal information about the Duke's  American visa application,

A campaign group, the Heritage Foundation (HF), has sought to uncover whether teh King Charles III's younger son Harry had made false statements about his drug use in his immigration paperwork, a claim he openly admitted to in his book, Spare, and in a Netflix series about his life.

The campaigners, using America's Freedom of Information law, has been trying to release relevant documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Concerns were raised that Meghan Markle's hubby Harry may have provided inaccurate information on his entry forms, which, if proven, could lead to him being booted out of the US.

At first, DHS rejected the HF's application so the organisation filed a lawsuit in a Washington court to challenge the decision. 

In reaction, the group has claimed the refusal is a delay tactic and added that their game-playing was "outrageous", according to The Sun.

The foundation, carrying support of a large number of Americans, also accuses the US Government of "dilatory conduct" to avoid addressing the issue promptly.

HF has urged for a quick decision on whether the case would proceed, but DHS reluctantly agreed to an extended timetable. Motions are now expected to be filed until November, followed by a judge's decision. In its second refusal, the US officials confirmed the existence of "entry and exit records" for the Prince.

People of the US are expressing their anger on government's refusal to disclose the details of Harry's visa applications. If DHS reveals the information Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet's father could face deportation.