Meghan Markle knows her 'success' lies in distance from Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could do better work without one another

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Meghan Markle believes she can do a better job in her career without Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex, who has received failures recently in the professional domain of her life, is trying to take on projects without her husband.

A source tells Bella Magazine: "Meghan feels she'll have better success if she takes the time to work on projects alone without Harry - even though he always gives her his full support."

The source adds that Meghan's fresh contract with WME talent agency "is about making [her] a power player in Hollywood", which backs up

Royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield reveals: "One of the rumours is that Meghan has set up shop in a hotel suite across from her agency William Morris Endeavour and that she has her eyes set on bigger opportunities."

She added: "She wants to be a power player in Hollywood and that this is not the direction that Harry has any desire to go."