Eminem claps back at The Game & Melle Mel in 'Realest' track

Eminem gives a brutal takedown of The Game & Melle Mel in his brand new title track 'Realest'

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Eminem goes into brutal the mode
Eminem goes into brutal the mode

Eminem is infamous for giving no quarters when it comes to 'disses.' It was proven in the new track, Realest by Ez Mil, featuring him.

In the song, Slim Shady singled out The Game and Melle Mel, who previously hit him with backhanded insults.

Responding to the 43-year-old 2022's diss track, The Black Slim Shady, where the hip=hop star took a shot at the 8 Mile rapstar.

"I never heard you in a club, I never heard you in a bar / Eleven albums and ten never got played inside of my car."

The 50-year-old rapped back, "All the envious rappers I'd torch if I'm on a joint with 'em / And that is the only retort is I'm not played in the clubs ********** put a cork in it / Only reason they still play your **** in the clubs / (Why?) is 'cause you still perform in 'em."

As far as Mel is concerned, he told VladTV in March that Lose Yourself  rapper success was partly due to his skin colour.

Responding to him, Eminem rapped, "My skin colour’s still working against me / ’Cause second I should be to none /Being white ain’t why they put me at five / It’s why they can’t put me at one.” Kinda hits different in a post-affirmative action world, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Ez Mil, the new sensation in the rap world, was roped in by the Eminem label Shady Records last month.

"And it's even rarer that Dre and I sign something together," he explained, signing the 25-year-old simultaneously with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment.

"But I heard Ez's music and was like, 'this is really special', so I took it to Dre. We both agreed it would be a great fit and we wanted to work with him right on the spot." Dr. Dre also went on to praise the artist, saying, "Em played me Ez and I had that feeling."