Jennifer Lopez makes it hard for Ben Affleck to recover from alcoholism: ‘Please stop!’

Jennifer Lopez sincerity towards recovering alcoholic husband Ben Affleck comes under scrutiny

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Jennifer Lopez seems to be making it hard for her husband Ben Affleck to recover from alcoholism as she keeps promoting her alcohol brand, Delola.

Ahead of Labour Day, The Mother star took to Instagram to share a video to promote her Italian coast-inspired beverage.

However, the post did not sit well with her followers as they questioned her intend towards her brand promotion while she knows how hard it was for Affleck to gave up his addiction.

Some fans even pointed out that J.Lo does not drink alcohol herself, recalling her past interviews when she discussed how bad alcoholic drinks are for a person’s body.

“You don’t drink alcohol!” one user commented, “And expecting people to believe you really picked up the habit after you married the love of your life who is a recovering alcoholic is a little hard to believe.”

“It’s more likely that the timing of this new habit is due to your brand and wanting to sell your products which is fine but unbelievable,” the comment added.

“Nothing wrong with being sober and healthy and you as you’ve always been. Business is business just wish people wouldn’t choose to profit from the sale of poison and putting profits over people oftentimes.”

Another penned, “Love JLo, but dislike that she promotes alcohol. 3 reasons. 1. Alcohol is NOT a COOL thing to promote..2. She doesnt drink alcohol herself because all the damage it does to your body.”

“And 3. Her husband has a drinking problem.. just dont get it! You have enough money, just STOP,” the user added.

“I thought I remember you saying in a few interviews that you don’t drink alcohol,” another recalled, adding, “How does Ben feel to have alcohol around being he’s a recovering alcoholic?”

To note, the Gone Girl actor has been candid about his struggle with being an alcoholic and the fact that he has been to rehab multiple times in years 2001, 2017, and 2018.