Thursday, September 14, 2023
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Prince Harry receives huge blow from King Charles: ‘He’s emotionally teetering’

Prince Harry close pals concerned for his mental well-being after King Charles' scathing remarks

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Prince Harry received a major blow from King Charles amid ongoing rift with the Royal family after it was revealed that the new monarch never wanted a second son after Prince William.

Recently, an audio of late Princess Diana was leaked in which she claimed that Charles was “disappointed” on Harry’s birth as he wanted a daughter.

Speaking of Harry's reaction on the bombshell audio, a tipster told National Enquirer that there are concerns about father-of-two’s mental state.

The insider revealed that Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was “blindsided” by the comments while adding that the Prince might never really recover from this blow.

Harry has already written about being a “spare” in the royal family while venting about him being raised in the shadow of William, the Prince of Wales, in his memoir.

"To hear that you were an unwanted child is a terrible thing, and it hurts more since his father was always a cool customer and, of course, his beloved, caring mother is gone," the source said.

"And of course, if Harry were a girl, there would be no Meghan," the insider shared with the outlet referring to his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

"Now, with his failing business schemes and his alienation from his family, this final blow is likely to have him emotionally teetering on the brink."