King Charles 'teeth baring' anger over pen showed 'stage of grief'

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King Charles teeth baring anger over pen showed stage of grief
King Charles 'teeth baring' anger over pen showed 'stage of grief'

King Charles infamous pen gate video is justified by a body language expert.

His Majesty, who made rounds on the internet over losing his calm due to a faulty pen after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, showcased natural grief.

Body language expert Inbaal Honigman tells Daily Star how the 73-year-old’s lashing out over staff was understandable.

Charles "displays the unmistakable body language of a grieving son,” he says.

"His back is hunched, his brow is lowered deeply over his eyes and his lips are turned downwards," she said.

The expert then talks about the stages of grief, noting: “Of the five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance - anger is probably the most visible. When the King was reacting to situations with apparent anger - baring his teeth, scowling or shaking his head, he was acting out of character.”

“The irritable behaviour displayed back then was in keeping with the natural reactions to grief."

“Inbaal also analysed videos of Charles from more recent public appearances and concluded he has now ‘processed the sadness at the loss of his parents’ and is ‘more at ease in his role as King.’”

Inbaal then quotes the King’s recent appearances in public.

“In recent interactions with the public we still see the very occasional sign of tension, such as biting his lips when the American national anthem plays during Joe Biden's visit [in July] or a tense hidden fist as he listens to the band playing before entering Balmoral [in August]," she notes.