Kate Middleton experiences shocking moment at royal naval air station

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Kate Middleton experiences shocking moment at royal naval air station

Kate Middleton giggled with fear as she experienced a very surprising moment at royal naval air station during her first appearance since her husband Prince William flied to the US on Monday.

Princes of Wales, who stepped out in Somerset without her family, was given quite the shock when a lifejacket she was wearing suddenly inflated.

During her visit to the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS), William's wife Kate spent time in the traffic control tower to meet staff and speak to an airborne Wildcat helicopter crew. In a lighthearted moment, the Princess burst into fits of giggles as she inflated a lifejacket.

A leading survival equipment technician Louise Evans-Hughes told a media outlet that he had warned Kate there might be a bit of a bang because sometimes when the Velcro rips open there is a bit of a noise. And the same thing happened as soon as Kate pulled it, it inflated.

Describing the royal's reaction, the technician said it was quite nice to watch Kate's face. It was quite snug and she didn’t realise how big it was going to go. The technician quickly let some air out so Kate wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

During her visit, Kate also sat inside a Merlin Mk4 helicopter, deployed by the Royal Marines globally to provide disaster relief, as well as a Merlin MK2, which is used to hunt for submarines. She also tried her hand at flying a Wildcat MK2 in a simulator, which allows aircrew to practice flying over land or on to ships.