Britney Spears is opening up amid Sam Asghari divorce: ‘The enemy is right in front of me’

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Britney Spears reflects on dark things done to her by enemies she kept around because she loved them
Britney Spears reflects on 'dark' things done to her by 'enemies' she kept around because she loved them 

Britney Spears has recently spoken out about experiencing "darker" actions committed against her by "enemies" who were once close to her. 

She shared her thoughts on a viral video she posted to her Instagram Stories. In the video, a young girl is seen baking with two older girls who proceed to crack eggs open on her forehead, leading to laughter.

The Gimme More singer noted that without sound, the situation in the video appeared much more troubling. She reflected on her own past experiences, revealing that she had encountered "similar things" that now made her see the clip in a different light. She also confessed to being "extremely sensitive" to instances of bullying.

“For me, it feels darker… similar things have been done to me so I look at this with different eyes!!!”

Britney added: “Most of my inner conflict with people is knowing the enemy is right in front of me but I kept them because I loved them!!!”

“I'm extremely sensitive to anybody laughing at someone or bullying in any way!!!”

She dropped a hint that she intends to reveal more about her personal challenges in the future, just a month ahead of the anticipated release of her tell-all memoir.

She said: “There's so much I've kept private that's gone on with me personally and maybe one day I can let people know … until then, there's 3 sides to every story!!!”

“Your side, my side and the truth!!! The child within is the trust, the girl in the middle is the truth …. watch it NOW with no sound!!!”