Nicolas Cage’s critically acclaimed film ‘Dream Scenario’ gets first trailer

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A24 has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming dark comedy Dream Scenario, written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a college professor who inexplicably starts appearing in the dreams of strangers, gaining sudden fame.

However, things take a dark turn when the visions of him in people's dreams become terrifying.

In the trailer, Cage's character, Paul Matthews, grapples with his newfound celebrity status, facing both admiration and hostility from the public. The film's ensemble cast includes Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula, Dylan Baker, and Kate Berlant.

Ari Aster, director of Beau Is Afraid and a prominent figure at A24, serves as a producer for Dream Scenario, along with Nicolas Cage, Lars Knudsen, Tyler Campellone, and Jacob Jaffke.

The movie gained attention at the Toronto International Film Festival, receiving strong reviews that lauded Cage's dedicated performance.

The Hollywood Reporter called it a "gleefully dark social satire, which savagely skewers our click-driven world of insta-celebrities and cancel-culture righteousness".

Variety’s chief film critic, Peter Debruge, wrote: "the whole film could be [Borgli's] take on social media – the way viral celebrities and memes invade the minds of millions of people at once, amusing us for a time, only to be rejected and potentially even reviled when their 15 minutes are up.

"In an uncommonly low-key performance, Cage humanizes that experience and gives us much to think about," he added.