Prince William doesn’t even ‘try’ and there’s ‘no excuse’ for it

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Prince William doesn’t even ‘try’ and there’s ‘no excuse’ for it
Prince William doesn’t even ‘try’ and there’s ‘no excuse’ for it

Experts have just put Prince William and Kate Middleton on blast for not even ‘trying’ to make any changes, because there’s ‘no excuse’ for it.

Accusations and insights into the double standard have been brought forward by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

In her piece for, she weighed in on the shocking discrepancies and said, “In 2019, the Sussexes came under repeated – and reasonable – fire for taking four private jets in 11 days right as Harry was launching a green travel initiative.”

“The alliterative combo of his name and ‘hypocrite’ got wheeled out with plenty of hand-rubbing glee by the press,” she also added.

“Yet William and Kate have entirely escaped any similar accusations or bouts of front page finger wagging for spearheading this charity push while continually turning a blind eye to Meghan’s former mental health woes.”

In the middle of her piece, Ms Elser also added, “I get it, this would be an absolute minefield for the Prince and Princess of Wales to tip-toe through, of them having to find some way of addressing the Duchess of Sussex’s revelations while also not reviving one of the most damaging chapters in royal history.”

“William and Kate are probably about as keen on drawing attention to the Sussexes’ devastating claims as letting Prince Louis join TikTok. (The boy would be a stahhhhhh.) I’d say they don’t so much want to put the Oprah interview behind them so much as to want to lock it in a trunk to be stored in a secure attic for which they will permanently lose the key.”

“Still, that does not excuse them from at least trying,” she also chimed in to say before signing off.