Meghan Markle risks forcing Kate Middleton

Meghan Marke is currently at risk of completely forcing Kate Middleton’s hand in Buckingham Palace

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Meghan Markle allegedly stands at the cusp of forcing Kate Middleton’s hand and experts are concerned about the impending repercussions that could make all of it worse.

All of this has been dished on by royal commentator Phil Dampier.

He shed light into everything during one of his interviews with Fabulous.

During the course of this chat, Mr Dampier shed some light into the shock factor of Meghan Markle’s upcoming memoir, when compared to Prince Harry.

In regards to it, Mr Dampier even went as far as to say, “Harry’s Spare was a best seller and Meghan's would probably sell even more.”

This is due to the fact that “it would also be the ideal opportunity for Meghan to put across her view of what happened to her when she met Harry, fell in love, joined the most famous family in the world and then left.”

A dangerous possibility is that “she would give her side of what really happened between her and Kate in the run up to the wedding, when each allegedly made the other cry.”

“Everyone will be fascinated to hear Meghan’s take on her relationship with Kate, whether she was hostile or welcomed her from the start,” after all.

There is a great chance that “she probably thought she should have got equal billing and didn’t seem to appreciate from the start that she and Harry were the B team, not on the same level as William and Kate.”

So “she will probably talk about comparisons that were made in the press between them and will come across as bitter.”

And most probably, “The royals will assume the worst and brace themselves for more revelations.”

“It would only make the relations much worse, but I still don’t think the royals will hit back,” he also said, since “they will stay quiet and soak it up, even though they will be deeply hurt by it.”

Especially considering the fact that “their policy was for Harry and Meghan to run out of ammunition, but unfortunately they have plenty left in the form of a Meghan book” but the biggest factor is the fact that “there is nothing she won't twist to justify her position.”

If that were to happen, Mr Dampier warns, “It really would be the last straw and I doubt William and Kate would ever talk to Harry again.”