Meghan Markle’s plans for upcoming memoir exposed

All the plans Meghan Markle has to make her upcoming memoir ‘perfect’ has just been exposed

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Experts have just weighed in on the possible story lines that may be added to Meghan Markle’s memoir.

All of this has been referenced by royal commentator Phil Dampier.

He weighed in on everything during one of his most candid interviews with Fabulous.

In it he dished over every possibility and explained, “I doubt she will directly criticise the late Queen as she knows how unpopular that will be.”

“But she could reveal private conversations and that would be very troubling for the King, the Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales” in her upcoming memoir.

What might make matters worse for the couple’s family ties, is Prince Harry’s potential support in it all.

According to Mr Dampier, "The couple are struggling to make money at the moment as they lost their Spotify contract and this would be a massive money spinner.”

“I personally don’t think Meghan ever intended to stay in the royal family.”

“But that won’t stop her concocting her own narrative of events to justify her actions, and I’m sure Harry will back her up 100 per cent.”

“They are still friendly with Princess Eugenie, and I hope she talks to them and persuades Meghan not to write a book.”

“Even if it's not justified I think Meghan has now convinced herself that she is right and can’t see the other side’s point of view.”