Meghan Markle to sign deal with major streaming service after Spotify downfall

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Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is set to sign a deal with a major streaming service after they had to end their multi-million-dollar contract with Spotify.

Meghan Markle reportedly have been offered a deal from Audible, “a streaming service that specialises in audiobooks and podcasts,” as per Closer Magazine.

Speaking of the possibility of the exiled Royal getting the deal, a well-placed source said this contract could “make or break for her Hollywood dream.”

One thing that is certain is that it will make Meghan a lot of money, something that the Duchess and her husband Prince Harry are in dire need of, the tipster shared.

“Word of mouth is spreading that it will lead to a huge payout - even bigger than the millions Spotify splashed out,” the insider revealed.

Another advantage of signing a deal with Audible for Meghan is that “she'll be in the company of Michelle and Barack Obama,” who joined the service last year.

Meghan is “pretty desperate” to get the deal after her ego was bruised because of the humiliation she faced after losing out on Spotify.

“Losing the Spotify deal was a massive blow to her, not to mention her ego. She's been pretty lost since but this deal could turn everything around,” the insider said.

“She hardly sleeps thanks to the pressure of it all, but knows that the pressure will only get worse if she lands the deal - it will be make or break.”

However, stakes are “extremely high” for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as “they fear that getting dropped twice would be the end of their brand.”