How does Scarlett Johansson fight her acne problem?

Scarlett Johansson shared her success story against acne breakouts

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How does Scarlett Johansson fight her acne problem?
How does Scarlett Johansson fight her acne problem?

In the showbiz world, good skin is everything. However, for Scarlett Johansson, healthy skin was an elusive dream as the actress battled her acne till her late 30s.

During an interview with GQ, the Marvel star opened up about her acne woes, "I had struggled with it forever. And when I was younger, the messaging around acne was to get rid of grime and wash your face, wash your acne away."

Though the makeup covered pretty much the skin in public, however, the Black Widow actor shared the problem persisted. To make the mass breakouts of spots gone, she tested some proven tactics.

"The rule was basically dry your acne out and resurface your face, and so for many years I only used oil-free products made for acne prone skin, which stripped and dried it, but never actually did anything to cure it."

However, the results remained the same: nil. At that moment, the 38-year-old opted for another skincare for sensitive skin.

"I was just over it and I thought you know what, having spoken to my makeup artist at length, I'm going to just get rid of all this drying crap and I'm going to just try using products for sensitive skin."

Terrified at first, Scarlett shared she tried the product and it worked, "I just stuck with a very simple routine and I instantly noticed my skin was healthier, and I had less acne."

She continued, "My skin was healing itself in front of my eyes. So I had this curiosity about where I could go with it. And here we are six years later. It's been a labour of love."