SZA sets record straight on face surgery rumours

SZA puts the growing online rumours about having the face surgery to bed

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SZA sets record straight on face surgery rumours
SZA sets record straight on face surgery rumours

Does SZA have a facelift? The internet believes so. However, the Kill Bill singer has strongly denied the rumours, calling them “crazy.”

During an interview with Wall Street Journal, the All the Stars crooner dispelled the online rumours, “That **** is low-key offensive,” she continued.

“Not low-key, it’s high-key offensive. But what am I supposed to do? Post a debunking thread? That’s crazy. You would rather believe the TikTok thread. You would rather believe any Twitter thread; you could just Google yourself and figure it out. There were clear instances when I talked about my freckles.”

Blasting the rumours further, SZA said, “I hear crazy **** about myself. I heard I had a facelift, I heard I had a nose job, I heard my teeth were fake. Now, do I need to go out and get a nose job because you all made me feel like I need one?”

Elsewhere in the interview, the 33-year-old heaped praise on Justin Bieber for appearing in her Snooze music video.

"Justin wasn't even in the video until the video was already being shot. Him and Hailey Bieber were randomly the first people to hit me on FaceTime after SOS dropped…[Bieber] showed up, and he was down as ***** for the whole day and didn't trip about nothing."