'The Crown' to ruffle Royal feathers with THIS Princess Diana dialogue

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The Crown to ruffle Royal feathers again with THIS Princess Diana dialogue
'The Crown' to ruffle Royal feathers again with THIS Princess Diana dialogue 

The Crown is once again on the brink of upsetting the Royal Family with a controversial dialogue by Elizabeth Debicki who plays Princess Diana.

In the upcoming season, the late princess compares her wedding day to walking on a landmine while talking to her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) on a yacht.

However, a royal biographer named Ingrid Seward told The Sun that Diana “would've never said something like this.”

After visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 1997, Diana tells Dodi about the Landmine Survivors Network and talks about the backstories of the victims.

Recounting her talk with Ken Rutherford, who founded the Landmine Survivors Network, Diana says, “Every survivor, he told me, has a date associated with the day they stepped on the landmine. ‘Mine was December 16, 1963,’ he remarked. I responded, ‘Mine was 29 July, 1981, my wedding day.’”

Ingrid says it’s an unfortunate comparison, “I think the mere fact that The Crown is depicting Diana's life and her death is exploiting her memory so they can put into her mouth anything that they want to."

He also said that the landmine network was very important to the late princess, “It was her big thing and it was a great success too. It is something that she will always be remembered for.”

The comments come after the first four episodes of the sixth and final season of The Crown depict the tragic car accident in Paris that killed Princess Diana, along with her lover Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul, in 1997.