Saturday, November 18, 2023

Iman Vellani shares perfect response to 'The Marvels' box office bomb

Iman Vellani gets honest about 'The Marvels' underperforming at the box office

Iman Vellani shares perfect response to The Marvels box office bomb
Iman Vellani shares perfect response to 'The Marvels' box office bomb

The Marvels failed to create magic in the moneymaking section. But, Iman Vellani aka Ms. Marvel has the perfect response for the box office dud.

Talking to Yahoo, the 21-year-old said, "I don't want to focus on something that's not even in my control because what's the point?" she says of the relentless focus on the movie's box office. "That's for Bob Iger."

She continued, "[The box office] has nothing to do with me," noting, "I'm happy with the finished product, and the people that I care about enjoyed the film. It's genuinely a good time watching this movie, and that's all we can ask for with these films."

Adding, "It has superheroes, it take place in space, it's not that deep, and it's about teamwork and sisterhood. It's a fun movie, and I'm just so happy that I can share it with people."

Sharing her personal experience, Iman said she faced backlash for being overly interested in Marvel. 

Revealing that the negativity often made her sad when she called out to people to lessen the excitement about the films through their harsh reactions.

The reaction comes after The Marvels poorly performed at the box office as it opened to the lowest debut weekend of the franchise ever.