Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Netizens unexcited over Kim Kardashian's new career step

Fans uncertain about Kim Kardashian's upcoming movie after slamming her performance in 'AHS'

Netizens unexcited over Kim Kardashians new career step
Netizens unexcited over Kim Kardashian's new career step

Kim Kardashian is all-set to produce and star in the new comedy film The 5th Wheel; however, fans are divided on the reality star's new career step after the netizens left unimpressed by her American Horror Story: Delicate role.

As reported by Deadline, the Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell penned the script while screenwriter Janine Brito was also attached to the project.

Described as a "female-driven comedy," the 43-year-old's movie has been pitched to several studios.

Earlier, the mother-of-four told Variety that her AHS role, "It's a challenge. I like to challenge myself."

However, The Kardashian star's previous role as a sassy publicist, Siobhan Corbyn, received divisive reviews from the netizens.

Daily Mail assorted the following comments.

"I'm not into Kim at all #AHS," one user commented.

Another added, "Kim sucks at acting. Why is she on this? Ruined it for me."

"Guys, I'm so confused. What is the new plot of AHS? Why is Kim Kardashian here?" a third wrote.

"I feel like I gave the new season of #AHS a valiant, open-minded watch, but... I can't. Kim K is an objectively terrible actress," someone else said.

One person slammed, "Why is Kim Kardashian on AHS LMFAO."

However, the poor reception by the fans was not universal as some fans jumped to the SKIMS founder's defense by crediting her performance.

"I don't care what people say, Kim Kardashian is doing amazing sweetie in AHS," one fan wrote.

While another added, "I know it was just a stunt casting to draw buzz to this season but Kim Kardashian deliver such a fun performance, chewing every scene she's in. She's easily the best part about this season (I know I'm shocked too)."

In 2008, Kim made her acting debut in the comedy Disaster Movie.