Jennifer Lopez gives PDA to Ben Affleck for the cameras?

Jennifer Lopez apparently tries to give an 'all is well' message through a 'planted' PDA with Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez gives PDA to Ben Affleck for the cameras?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez locked lips while looking for sofas for home. However, a body-language expert believes it looked like a "very odd PDA."

It comes after the pair went out to shop for furniture for their $60 million mansion. The duo appeared in a jolly mood in a Los Angeles store.

During the discussion, J-Lo gave Ben a sweet smooch. But, the expert Judi James called the PDA 'unnatural.' 

In a chat with The Mirror, she said: "This looks like a very odd PDA unless Jennifer was aware of the cameras."

Before the sweet gesture, the couple was seen exchanging tense words about apparently which piece to buy.

Analyzing these signs, the body-language expert said, "A 'Try before you buy' sofa ritual might include leaning back to try out your usual relaxed slump on a couch you're thinking of buying."

"This accounts for Ben's pose here, but leaning right in him to chat as Jen is doing looks unusual, especially as her rather serious stare, raised brows and jutted lower lip hint at some kind of negotiation or persuasion, while Ben's eyes seem to be pointing off to his left rather than responding with matching eye contact."

She continued, "But then there is Jen's 'Happy kiss' gesture, where she leans in to kiss Ben, with her cheeks rounded and her lips curled in a smile in what seems to be a very 'intimate,' 'indoors' type of pose rather than one you would strike in a shop."

Ultimately, Judi claimed Ben and Jennifer are sending out the message that 'all is well' between them amid reports of a rift.