Robert De Niro's friends 'not surprised' he lost civil trial

Robert De Niro's close friends reportedly shared their reactions to his mood swings as he lost the civil trial

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Robert De Niros friends not surprised he lost civil trial
Robert De Niro's friends 'not surprised' he lost civil trial

Robert De Niro has temperament issues, according to his inner circles. They reportedly believed the megastar was extremely tough on his staff. They suggested he tone down his anger problems after losing the civil trial.

It comes after the Oscar winner was ordered to pay his former assistant Graham Chase Robinson $1.2 million after the New York jury found the latter faced gender discrimination by the megastar's company, Canal Production.

Interestingly, the court's decision did not surprise the Goodfellas star's close friends.

"Bob has always had an awful temper," a close friend of the legendary actor spilled to the National Enquirer.

The insider continued, "The only thing that's surprising is that it remained a secret for so long!"

Noting, "He's notoriously hard on his staff and everyone else around him," adding, "He's a prickly personality with a hair trigger no one wants to pull."

After the latest verdict, the source shared, it "may have damaged De Niro's image beyond repair — and pals are urging him to change the way he treats other people before it's too late."

In line with the first insider revelation, another source claimed the acclaimed actor's sulky attitude was unbearable.

"I've seen him unload on his ex-wives, his kids, waiters, and whoever else tries his patience."

Nonetheless, Robert is determined to challenge the New York civil trial verdict.