Thursday, November 30, 2023

Prince Harry 'shift in music' as he withheld 'racist royal' name

Prince Harry was told to hold off information about the racist royal

Prince Harry shift in music as he withheld racist royal name
Prince Harry 'shift in music' as he withheld 'racist royal' name

Prince Harry used a firm body language to share his discomfort over the racist royal, says an expert.

Body language guru Judi James reveals the Duke of Sussex saw a 'change in music' the moment he was asked about the royal who commented upon unborn, Prince Archie's skin.

She told the Mirror: "When Meghan says the conversation was with Harry, the narrative pitches straight onto his lap, along with Oprah's questioning."

"Harry's body language mood music changes in an instant. Previously he had looked wounded and vulnerable and sounded like a victim. His eyes had been widened and his vocal trait had been one of frequent, nearly constant rising inflection, where the vocal tone rises up at the end of sentences to turn statements into questions, making many of Harry's claims sound tinged with his own sense of disbelief.

"Harry's brows are raised now but his eyes look down in a sudden cut-off ritual as though he is wanting to collude but also to collect his thoughts while hiding his initial feelings. His body language at this point suggests his memories are negative and possibly shocking as he lets out a mirthless laugh, hiking his mouth up at one side in an ironic-looking grin that hints at some kind of attempt at bravado.

She added: "'That conversation... I am never going to share' is his verbal comment though and suddenly he is in authoritative royal shut-down mode. He looks back at Oprah and when she asks him to tell what the question was he says 'No', closing his eyes and shaking his head to imply firmness. His eye contact looks strong now, with a narrowed eye expression and a slight frown as he tells Oprah 'I’m not comfortable sharing that'."

"The brief, mirthless laugh does look like a deliberate hint or clue that there's more to tell if he had chosen to, though," she concluded.