Sunday, December 03, 2023

Ozzy Osbourne has ‘given up’ his will to live

Ozzy Osbourne has seemingly given the will to live amid claims there are going to be no more operations

Ozzy Osbourne has ‘given up’ his will to live
Ozzy Osbourne has ‘given up’ his will to live

English singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne has appears to have given up his will to live.

The 75-year-old has apparently decided that he is ‘beyond’ medical help and will be spending the last of his life on a wheelchair, according to a report by Radar Online.

For those unversed with Osbourne’s debilitating condition, he suffers from a nerve-eating disease called Parkinson’s, and it was diagnosed back in 2003.

Per a report by the National Enquirer, a well-placed inside source made these admissions and said, “Ozzy has lost count of how many grueling surgeries he's endured. It's taken a horrible toll.”

“He was really hopeful his latest surgery in September to repair his spine would be a success, but he's only had more misery since and can't even get around without a wheelchair any longer.”

This fear of more operations seemingly began when he went under the knife to fix the damage to his back from a 2019 fall.

Back in September, he was so ‘done’ that he said that the September surgery is “going to be the final one — I can't do it anymore!”

Speaking in the now, the insider also went on to add, that while Osbourne was hopeful he’ll be able to perform one last time, since then, his ream has been ‘crushed’.

Reportedly, “He dreamed he would get better and be able to take the stage again, but now he's despondent, knowing it's just a pipe dream.”