Meghan Markle partners tired of 'never-ending scandal' in her life

Meghan Markle's Hollywood handlers are upset with book 'Endgame'

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Meghan Markle partners tired of never-ending scandal in her life
Meghan Markle partners tired of 'never-ending scandal' in her life

Meghan Markle’s new PR and management company is seemingly horrified by the disaster new book ‘Endgame’ has created.

The Duchess of Sussex handlers at WME are scratching their heads as they find a way forward to success.

Former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole says: "Prince Harry should issue a statement making it clear that he does not accuse his relatives of racism. Now is the time for the Prince to clear up this highly damaging mess.

He adds: "Harry should also explain how correspondence between Meghan and the then Prince of Wales – now King – in which she complained about the attitude of other family members towards her, came to be relied on by Scobie to underpin the pernicious allegation of racism."

Meanwhile, WME are "horrified and exasperated by a never-ending scandal"

A source told the Express: "There are potential deals on the table for Meghan that could just as quickly vanish if this continues. Aside from the race row, even the American public is growing weary of mean-spirited and downright cruel attacks on the Princess Kate. Whether or not Meghan and Harry were the sources of these, people will simply assume they were because of their past connections with Mr Scobie.