Does Britney Spears’ show signs of THIS rare mental condition?

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A mental health organization has alleged that pop icon Britney Spears shows signs of a rare mental disease
A mental health organization has alleged that pop icon Britney Spears shows signs of a rare mental disease 

Britney Spears' social media activity has raised concerns among fans about her potential mental state since being freed from her controversial conservatorship.

The singer frequently posts racy dance videos to Instagram where she strips down while dancing around in very little clothing.

One advocacy group has speculated this may be evidence of a little-known psychiatric condition called akathisia.

The Akathisia Alliance shared a video of Britney dancing along with a caption suggesting her symptoms matched those associated with medication-induced akathisia.

They wrote, "Please watch our latest video for evidence that medication-induced #akathisia may be at least partially to blame, and share it so that it may reach people who can help Britney."

They described the singer's inability to stay still in posts since leaving a mental health facility in 2019.

Akathisia is defined as an inability to remain physically still that is linked to certain drugs, especially antipsychotics. People experiencing it feel an intense, uncontrollable need to move their lower bodies.

While some fans agreed this could explain Britney's behaviors, others were more skeptical about diagnosing her condition without a medical examination.

One user argued: "I’ve never seen any videos of her acting like she has Akathisia but I just am not into Spears. Yes, it’s terrible but unless you talk to her you won’t know if she had restlessness, inability to sit still, pacing, etc. How can anyone know these things?"

Another echoed: "Leave Britney alone."

The speculation re-ignited the long-standing debate about Britney's well-being in the years since her conservatorship ended.

During her 13-year arrangement, all aspects of the singer's daily life and financial affairs were controlled by her father Jamie Spears.