Thursday, December 07, 2023

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck are not attention seekers?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly keeping things low-key to spend quality time

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck are not attention seekers?
Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck are not attention seekers?

To avoid attention is the hardest thing a Hollywood couple could do. However, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reportedly tried their best to avoid prying eyes from their relationship.

Spilling the beans on the duo's efforts, an insider revealed, "[They love to...] spend quality time as a family and keep things as low-key as possible when they can."

Besides the pair's efforts to enjoy their moments privately, the power couple also invested a lot of energy into their budding romance to blossom.

"Jen and Ben always make sure to set aside time for each other every day. Whether they are physically together or they are traveling and in different places for work, their commitment to one another and carving out time as a couple are major pillars in making things work."

Since the rekindlement of their romance, Ben and Jlo have gelled together their blended family, "Ben and Jen's kids get along super well, and everything has been easy and seamless on that front, which has been really nice for them," a bird chirped told ET.

The source continued, "Ben and Jen Garner are also in a good place. They have a mutual understanding that their children come first and are committed to that."

Meanwhile, Ben shares three children with former wife Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer has two twins with ex Marc Anthony.