Saturday, December 09, 2023

Timothee Chalamet's three most favourite British dialects revealed

Timothee Chalamet reveals that Essex accent is among his top three favourite dialects

Timothee Chalamets three most favourite British dialects revealed
Timothee Chalamet's three most favourite British dialects revealed

Wonka star Timothee Chalamet has recently stunned his fans by revealing his favourite British dialect.

During his hilarious appearance at LADBible TV, the 27-year-old actor revealed that he thinks the HULL accent is the best and sexiest British dialect.

Chalamet was asked by the co-star Keegan-Michael Key, about his favourite dialect as the latter thought that it would be French.

But to his surprise, the Hollywood star replied, "I like Hull," while expressing his astonishment over everyone cracking up at his choice.

According to Daily Mail, the actor continued, "I like Hull and Essex is in my top three," adding that he liked a middle-aged Northern accent.

The Hull residents were overjoyed by their favourite star's admission as they took to X, formerly Twitter, to express love for the actor.

One of the Hull residents wrote, "Okay so I’m honestly obsessed with award-winning superstar actor Timothee Chalamet randomly saying HULL has the UK’s sexiest accent. He speaks nothing but facts."

Another chimed in, "Timothee Chalamet declaring his love of the Hull accent feels like a fever dream."

A third one expressed, "Timothee Chalamet here saying the Hull accent is the “sexiest accent”, 100% agree, about the time my rough northern accent was recognised."