Saturday, December 09, 2023

Netflix's strategy for 'Young Sheldon' takes the cake

The first season of 'Young Sheldon' garnered 19.3 million hours worldwide, beating hit law series 'Suits'

Netflixs strategy for Young Sheldon takes the cake
Netflix's strategy for 'Young Sheldon' takes the cake

Young Sheldon's reign on Netflix has led experts to reveal the real reasons behind its success.

The analysis comes after the Big Bang Theory prequel’s season 1 beat Suits on the streaming giant by garnering 19.3 million hours worldwide, while Season 2 had 12.1 million hours.

A professor of TV, radio and film named Robert Thompson told Yahoo Entertainment that the credit goes to Netflix for releasing the CBS sitcom strategically. 

He presented the example of Emmy Award-winning show Breaking Bad which originally aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013. 

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According to Robert, it was Netflix that boosted its popularity after premiering the first three seasons before its fourth chapter started airing on AMC which allowed the viewers to catch up with the rest of the show just in time.

On the other hand, Pultizer Prize winner Walt Hickey told the outlet that Young Sheldon's audience is comprised of decades-old fandom.

"It's success on the streaming platforms is an illustration that you can do a lot of things, but you can't fake genuine affection from your audience," he explained.

“It’s an old school, half-hour comedy — and those are getting rarer and rarer," Walt concluded, adding that the show is “easy to watch” and extremely “consumable.”