Kate Middleton's uncle threatens to drop 'Endgame' into the compost heap

Kate Middleton’s uncle has a shocking take on Omid Sobie’s Endgame and threatens to ‘waste it’

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Kate Middleton’s uncle has finally set his eyes on Omid Scobie, the author of Endgame, and has bashed him for trying to paint the Princess of Wales in a negative light.

He weighed in on everything in one of his pieces for The Daily Mail.

She started everything off by saying, “I must say I struggle to understand why Scobie has got such a warped view of the world”.

Because otherwise, “he's so well-balanced he's got chips on both shoulders.”

“Luckily, my family is made of sterner suff.” At least. So “I’m sure both Carole and Kate will keep calm and carry on, business as usual.”

But in the middle of his piece he also said, “It's too close to Christmas and they have more important work to do than worrying about retired royals in Montecito.”

So “If I had one Christmas wish, it would be that people don't buy this book and stop talking about it. It's not a stocking filler. It's a Christmas turkey.”

But “If someone bought it for me, I certainly wouldn't put it on my bookshelf.”

Before signing off he also said, “it would be straight out of the back door and into the garden on the compost heap.”