Queen Camilla was 'devil incarnate' in eyes of Britons: 'Homewrecker'

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Queen Camilla was devil incarnate in eyes of Britons: Homewrecker
Queen Camilla was 'devil incarnate' in eyes of Britons: 'Homewrecker'

Queen Camilla braved through numerous years of bullying before she was finally accepted into the Royal Family.

Wife of King Charles braved through the times when she was highly disliked by public and constantly compared to Princess Diana

Broadcaster Carol Malone reveals: "When I was reporting on the royals, Camilla was literally the most hated woman in Britain.

"She really was, she was the devil incarnate never mind a national treasure. She was hated, she was seen as a homewrecker and even when Diana died, she kind of got blamed for that.

"People were thinking that if it hadn't been for her, Diana wouldn't have been in that car, she wouldn't have been with Dodi al-Fayed."

Malone added: "She had to bear a lot of you know what before. But I think the Palace's PR machine has been very clever with Camilla.

"Her coming out, if you like, was in 1999 at the Ritz where the two of them were together at Camilla's sister's birthday party.

"This was a big thing and people would've forgotten it but it was a big thing for them to be together.

"Over the years, the Palace has just gone slowly, slowly, slowly. They didn't shove her down our throats