Kate Middleton to surpass Princess Diana?

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Kate Middleton to surpass Princess Diana?
Kate Middleton to surpass Princess Diana?

Kate Middleton is allegedly in line to ‘leap’ over Princess Diana now that rumors about King Charles have started swirling around.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for News.com.au.

In the piece she touched on the possibility of Kate Middleton becoming “the world’s most powerful influence, ever” with the possibility of her being able to issue royal warrants.

“Just imagine if in the not too distant future we start seeing Kate give her official seal of approval to gym gear or eye serums or protein powders.”

“The Princess of Wales’ power to anoint a particular brand or product with her imprimatur would be worth a truly mind boggling amount” Ms Elser added.

While doubling down on the entire thing, Ms Elser also added, “I know, this might not seem as exciting as spying a bulging gift bag from royal jewellers Garrard but if you are into the arcane symbolism of the throne, this is a much much better present.”

“To understand just how big of a deal this would be, if Kate gets either her own Royal Warrant or is member of the Garter or both and with a big cherry on top, these are distinctions never afforded to her mother-in-law Diana, the late Princess of Wales.”

Not to mention, “None of the King’s siblings are allowed to issue Royal Warrants nor even if he had stayed inside the royal tent is it likely that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex would have been made an official Grantor as they are known”.

“If, in the coming months, we see Charles go down this route and hand the princess these shiny, highly coveted morsels, it will constitute a loud and clear sign left of just how highly he esteems Kate and her work.”